Disempowering the Mind

I don’t like being controlled by others. However, I wasn’t present to how much my mind had been controlling me for years.

I found a mistake in a newsletter after it was emailed. Another one was accidentally sent with no content. It has taken me a long time to finalize this post. I searched my photos for one that fit, revised the content, and changed the title numerous times. My mind interfered: “What’s wrong with you – how could you make those mistakes? You need to be more careful. Why can’t you get this done faster? You just wasted so much time.”

In the past, I would have beaten myself up and held onto those mishaps and setbacks long afterward, listening to and believing everything my mind said. Now, I’m aware of the nonsense it tells me, but I no longer believe it. I may laugh at it, say “thank you,” or disregard it.

Little by little, I stopped giving attention to my thoughts, and my mind began to lose its power. Difficult at first, it became much easier – and definitely well worth it – as time passed. Feelings of stress and anxiety shifted to being so much more relaxed and calm.

Can you ignore at least one thing your mind tells you today?