Relationships That Matter

We have different types of relationships. A phrase says that people come into our lives for “a reason, a season, or a lifetime.”

I’ve learned so much from people in my life. Some of the experiences were extremely pleasant, and others were not.

Recently, I had a few exchanges with people I’ve known for more than 10 years. The interactions didn’t make me feel good because egos were involved. My ego wanted to retaliate – yearning to spotlight their lack of compassion, acceptance, and respect.

I questioned whether I should speak up or disengage. My thoughts – and the emotional energy attached to them – kept me stuck. A friend reached out in the midst of my struggle. He shared about a similar experience, and he chose to let it go. It resonated immensely because it was exactly how I was feeling.

Too much time and energy was spent on people that were not serving me. Because I was caught up in the associated thoughts and emotions, time was lost with relationships that matter.

The next day, we believe our 13-year-old dog Bailey had a seizure. When I saw him flipping in a circular motion continuously and uncontrollably, every ounce of my being was with him, and any lingering negative energy from the prior week disappeared instantly.

Bailey’s incident reminded me what is really important and deserving of my attention. It’s not the consuming negative thoughts and emotions, but the profound presence with those that make a difference in my life!

Can you let go of thoughts and feelings associated with people who are not serving your best self?

I honor you. I appreciate you. I support you.

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