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Being Authentic Now Blog

Being Emotionally Responsible

Have you been feeling ‘off’ or more emotional lately? Do you feel blah, apathetic, melancholic, depressed, and/or lonely? You are not alone. And there is nothing wrong with you! Until early April, everyone is prone to the sensitivities of the Universe’s emotional climate. Because we are unique, each person can experience it differently. I’ve felt …


Unique Roots

Emotions, melancholy, and apathy really affected me for about a month. I’ve been in the process of understanding my emotions and melancholy for quite some time. However, I haven’t experienced intense apathy in over six years. This was a rough time. I didn’t feel passionate or excited about writing these blogs, working on my website, …


Relationships That Matter

We have different types of relationships. A phrase says that people come into our lives for “a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” I’ve learned so much from people in my life. Some of the experiences were extremely pleasant, and others were not. Recently, I had a few exchanges with people I’ve known for more …

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