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Being Authentic Now Blog

Relationships That Matter

We have different types of relationships. A phrase says that people come into our lives for “a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” I’ve learned so much from people in my life. Some of the experiences were extremely pleasant, and others were not. Recently, I had a few exchanges with people I’ve known for more …


Disempowering the Mind

I don’t like being controlled by others. However, I wasn’t present to how much my mind had been controlling me for years. I found a mistake in a newsletter after it was emailed. Another one was accidentally sent with no content. It has taken me a long time to finalize this post. I searched my …



Many times I have spoken and immediately realized that I should have kept my mouth shut! I felt like this flower – as if all of the life got sucked right out of me. I met resistance by speaking when it wasn’t correct to do so. Over the years, resistance has been an incredible signpost …

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