Being Emotionally Responsible

Have you been feeling ‘off’ or more emotional lately? Do you feel blah, apathetic, melancholic, depressed, and/or lonely?

You are not alone. And there is nothing wrong with you!

Until early April, everyone is prone to the sensitivities of the Universe’s emotional climate. Because we are unique, each person can experience it differently.

I’ve felt off, blah, melancholic, and apathetic for a while now.

My mind wanted to create a blog post about melancholy in December, and it’s had a ton to say over the past two months:
⦁ You need to write about melancholy because many people get depressed around the holidays.
⦁ This is really important, why can’t you finish it?
⦁ You are not moving forward – what’s wrong with you?
⦁ You must have writer’s block!
⦁ What you wrote is too confusing, no one will not understand what you are trying to say.
⦁ The photo quote should be easy, why is it taking so long?
⦁ Your analogy is confusing, you need to be more clear.
⦁ You need to finish the post by mid-December since everyone is so busy this time of year.
⦁ It will have more impact now than if you write about it another part of the year.
⦁ Why can’t you get the photo message right? What is taking you so long? You’ve changed it a thousand times already!
⦁ You’re trying to be perfect.
⦁ You’re being so controlling.
⦁ It’s been over two months since you wrote your last blog post – you are so disconnected!
⦁ How hard is it to write something?
⦁ You’ve lost your creative touch.

I thought my long span of apathy was over after my last blog post, but it has lingered around.

This time, I got the sense I needed to just ‘be’ with my feelings.

It wasn’t as difficult as my mind thought it might be. Allowing what was happening created a new opening.

Whatever is going on (emotions, apathy, melancholy, etc.) will pass.

When I was a child, I remember lying on the grass, looking up at the sky and watching the cloud formations change. They would move, transform, and eventually dissipate. I was mesmerized.

I can do the same with my thoughts, emotions, apathy, and melancholy. I can observe them with curiosity, instead of with judgment or placing all kinds of meaning behind what’s passing through.

The world is constantly changing – nothing remains the same. It never does.

It’s important for me to remember this as I go through something that my mind does not like. I will not get stuck there. There is nothing wrong. The energy that is occurring will move along.

Just as clouds move at their own pace, alter, and eventually disappear, so do my emotions. I choose the way I experience them. I can get caught in my mind and really suffer. Or I can be aware, accept, and allow them to pass through with more peace and ease.

Sometimes I need to just ‘be’ with my emotions. Other times I feel more comfortable immersing in a creative outlet.

If you are also struggling with emotions, and just ‘being’ with them is not working – would you like examples of creative outlets?

Sing – belt it out in the shower, car, etc.
Dance – movement gets creative juices flowing; close your eyes and move your body with the flow of music; make a TikTok video
Listen to music (find music that fits your mood – sad songs for a sad mood, angry/frustrated lyrics for angry/frustrated mood, etc. – two ‘negatives’ can equal a ‘positive’!)
Write (journal, free-write, lyrics, screenplays, poetry, books, etc.)
Artwork (crafts, doodle, color, scribble, sketch, draw, paint, play with Playdoh/ceramics/paper airplanes/Origami, take photos, etc.)
Play like a kid (get on a swing, play in a sandbox, build Leggos, play with dolls or cars, shoot basketball, ride a bike, etc.)
Comedy – listen to, or create anything funny
Act – create or dress up in costumes, become a character within the script
Spend time in nature
Spend time with animals
Read – get lost in a story, especially one that relates to your mood
Garden – tend to it, add/remove plants, flowers, etc.
Walk – be in the moment and completely present to your surroundings

Would you like tips for immersing in a creative outlet?
Be fully present.
⦁ Be self-absorbed.
⦁ Spend this time alone.
⦁ Let all the emotions out – don’t try to escape them, embrace them!
⦁ Be open to anything that emerges from being in a creative flow.

Whenever we are fully present, we can’t get caught in the web of our thoughts.

It’s ok to be selfish because we need this time alone. We are not capable of being available for others (in our usual way) when we feel melancholic.

When we write, sing, color, etc. – it’s important to let it all out – especially the sadness, anger, frustration, resentment, bitterness, disappointment, etc.

This can be one of the healthiest ways to express emotions. It keeps us from holding onto them (hurting oneself) or taking them out on those around (hurting others).

Being responsible with our emotions is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves, and each other.

Are you open to being more aware of your emotional state?

I honor you. I appreciate you. I support you.


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