Professional Certification:
Professional Analyst (September 2021 – TBD)
Living Your Design Guide (August 2020 – August 2021)
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Immersion with Mary Ann Winiger (April 2022, Asheville, NC)
Immersion with Mary Ann Winiger (December 2021, Asheville, NC)
Immersion Facilitation (March 2020, Greenville, SC)
Immersion with Hunt Holliday (October 2019, Denver, CO)
Immersion Mentoring Workshop with Mary Ann Winiger (April 2019, Sedona, AZ)
Immersion with Mary Ann Winiger (April-May 2018, Sedona, AZ)
Generator/MG Immersion with Mary Ann Winiger (January 2016, Sedona, AZ)

Coaching & Readings
Human Design Advanced Reading with Carol Zimmerman (October 2016)
Primary Health System Reading with Becky Markley (November 2015)
Human Design Connection Reading with Carol Zimmerman (July 2015)
Human Design Coaching with Carol Zimmerman (Jan – July 2015)
Human Design Foundation Reading with Carol Zimmerman (August 2014)