Professional Certifications:
Living Design Guide (In progress – completion date TBD)

Immersion Mentoring Workshop with Mary Ann Winiger (April 2019, Sedona, AZ)
Immersion with Mary Ann Winiger (April-May 2018, Sedona, AZ)
Generator/MG Immersion with Mary Ann Winiger (January 2016, Sedona, AZ)
Immersion with Hunt Holliday (October 2019, Denver, CO)

Radical Deconditioning with Dharmen & Leela (Fall 2016)
Rave Cartography Course with Mary Ann Winiger (Fall 2018)
Rave ABC Course with Mary Ann Winiger (Fall 2016)
Living Your Design: A Cellular Transformation with Carol Zimmerman (Fall 2015)

Coaching & Readings
Human Design Advanced Reading with Carol Zimmerman (October 2016)
Human Design Connection Reading with Carol Zimmerman (July 2015)
Human Design Coaching with Carol Zimmerman (Jan – July 2015)
Human Design Foundation Reading with Carol Zimmerman (August 2014)