Human Design Immersion

A Human Design Immersion is about immersing oneself in an indoor environment – in a safe space with others in a group – and being present, aware, and connected with surroundings. A profound, relaxing effect on the body is possible within this type of setting, just as it is outdoors in nature.

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An Immersion supports and empowers us to live more authentically. It encourages a profound sense of awareness, respect, and acceptance of oneself and others on a deeper level. Understanding energy and emotional differences, and learning how to establish necessary boundaries can drastically improve relationships and create more harmony.

The Human Design system is the foundation for this type of Immersion. However, this is not a technical class, lecture, or any type of structured teaching. There is no plan or agenda. Instead, it is an experiential gathering – a safe space to connect, share, experiment, listen, ask questions, and/or just observe on a deeper level and allow whatever is meant to unfold naturally and organically.

By being present and open to the process, there is potential to feel the energy and emotional differences of others. Those differences can cause the most challenges and turmoil in relationships. However, deep awareness and understanding can really shift relationships and result in more peace.

I was introduced to Human Design when I felt like I was on the verge of a second divorce. Our arguments were heated and amplified with emotion and ego power. They occurred often, and were intense.

My husband and I share a lot of similarities, but our differences cause the most challenges. Becoming aware and understanding those differences has been life-changing. We have so much more respect for each other, and ourselves. And we no longer have those blowout arguments.

Immersions help me to feel energy differences – to really get the impact another’s energy has on me, and how my energy affects those around. I become more and more aware, and I realize how incredibly important it is to establish and maintain boundaries for self-care.

Mary Ann Winiger has been my mentor and role model for years. She expresses the importance of the ‘Simple’ with Human Design. That is one of the many things I love about Mary Ann!

The ‘Simple’ resonates so deeply within me, and I have incorporated this principle into my practice and facilitation in the Human Design field.

An Immersion is a gathering – an experience – where participants join together with an openness to align and allow whatever is meant to unfold naturally and organically.

Would you like to attend an Immersion? Click here for details regarding the next Immersion in Greenville, SC July 14-16, 2023.

Immersion Connections

I met these amazing women many years ago at the first Immersion I participated in – which was facilitated by Mary Ann Winiger. I kept in touch with them through the years, and then we all reconnected again in person (photo above) at the Immersion Mentoring Workshop that Mary Ann held in Sedona, AZ. I love the bond I share with each of these women. We can pick up where we left off, no matter how much time passes between our connections. Relationships like these are precious gifts!

Mary Ann Winiger

Mary Ann Winiger and Allison Roedell at the Immersion Mentoring Workshop that Mary Ann held in Sedona, AZ. Mary Ann has been my mentor and role model for years, and I cherish her ‘Simple’ approach to Human Design – it’s a principle I live by, and use when facilitating.

Mary Ann founded Human Design Immersions. It has been amazing to be part of this process and to work so closely with her. Having Mary Ann as a mentor and role model throughout my journey is one of the most precious gifts I could ever receive. Living true to myself tops it all – and my experiences with Mary Ann have made that possible!

Ra’s Rendition – Experimentation

“Don’t believe a thing I tell you,

try it for yourself.”

– Ra Uru Hu, Founder of Human Design

Sealed with a Smile