Sharon Brancato-Leonard

How Living by Design has Changed my Life

I have to admit when I first heard about Allison’s class and how she could tell us all about ourselves based on our birthdate and birthplace, I was skeptical. But also, wildly interested! 😊 I gave her my info and within a short time, we got together for a meeting to review ‘me.’
I was blown away by the results. Literally…blown away! It was as if she knew every detail of who I am and who I have been trying not to be! It took me a couple of days to digest her findings and a few classes to fully understand the words she used, like tribal, non-tribal, ants (Generators), bumblebees (Projectors), open head, etc., but as I started to fully grasp who I was meant to be, a whole world opened up to me!
I have spent the last 49 years as a nurse and caregiver. I have never loved doing it, but I did it and her findings of me, helped me understand why I didn’t like it. I am a fixer and LOVE to help people and fix their problems. But I don’t like taking care of them (the person). I simply want to give them the info to make their lives better and let them run with it. Problem is, most people don’t like to be ‘fixed.’ All my ‘fixing’ drained an enormous amount of energy from me. Their subsequent refusal to follow or even acknowledge my help, has led to a lifelong feeling of being invisible and feeling rejected. Allison has given me the tools I needed to stop feeling that way. I have learned to WAIT. I have learned to walk away from energy draining conversations and relationships. I have learned to see people differently and be more accepting of who they are. I now understand the feelings that engulf me when I am around others. I fully understand past relationships and even my current one. I know who I am and am living accordingly. If I had not bravely stepped into Allison’s Living by Design class that first day, I would not have found the joy in my life that I am living today. I am so thankful I took that first step!


Allison: Are the sacral sessions helpful?
Allison: Are you tapping into your truth when answering the questions?
Ka: Uh huh
Allison: Are there times when you do not follow (or go against) your sacral responses?
Ka: Uh huh, rarely/not against, maybe just when there is not a clear answer
Allison: Do you feel satisfied when following sacral responses?
Ka: Uh huh!
Allison: Have you met resistance if you followed unclear sacral responses?
Ka: Uh huh
Allison: Is there a particular experience that stands out for you – when you followed your sacral response & felt satisfied?
Ka: Uh huh
Allison: Is it correct for you to share a little about that experience?
Ka: Uh huh, there are two.
The first one – when you first met me. Just after the Immersion, I was open and free, and terrified – deeply terrified. I was in, all in on my experiment, but had nowhere to turn. Then Hunt asked out of nowhere, “Is it ok if Allison contacts you?” My UH HUH resounded in me like nothing I had known, truly slowly opening and leading me. This relationship may be my first correct relationship – bringing me support, correctness and authenticity in all that I can be.
The second one – when I moved to the mountains alone. I was terrified. I was afraid that I would be left alone for eternity. But because we had been practicing, I trusted you asking, and guiding to correctness for me. And the outcome was everything I never in a million years could have imagined. That experience of trusting and following shaped the fabric on core level of my being and my reality.

Duarte Monteiro
Duarte MonteiroOwner & Founder, ZenSport

Allison’s remote coaching helped me tap into my sacral (inner truth), which has been spiritually enlightening and life altering. Her supportive, intuitive and nurturing tone helped me overcome some serious life challenges over the last several years related to my personal life, career and business. I am forever grateful for the knowledge she has bestowed upon me! I would highly recommend Allison to anyone interested in finding their authentic being in the pursuit of true happiness.
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Janet H.Asheville, NC

I think Allison is amazing. She is so passionate about Human Design and she explains things beautifully - with so much detail. In addition to her confidence and intelligence, she has a gift of sharing this knowledge with others. Learning about my chart details and having sacral sessions were so helpful.

I am more than delighted by the outcome of my sessions with Allison. She is clear and direct, and she assisted me in connecting with my truth answers. Allison is patient, and also passionate about me finding my own true compass. I'm filled with joy and confidence. When you are ready to believe in yourself, I highly recommend Allison to guide you with a method for trusting your own intuition.

Jeffrey Brownstein
Jeffrey Brownstein

I've known Allison since 2003. She is a light, one of the kindest souls you could ever meet. Allison is warm, inviting, and truly lives what she teaches - fostering authentic, meaningful connections in all her interactions. She has a keen awareness that every human being is beautifully unique, and she shows deep compassion in honoring our different 'designs'. Over the years, Allison has coached me on uncovering and living my own truth - getting in touch with my feelings, trusting my intuition, practicing patience, and allowing things to unfold more easily - rather than my old way of 'pushing' forward, which all too often led down tunnels of stress and unease. Because of Allison, today I feel lighter and freer in many areas of my life. Bottom line, I couldn't recommend her services more highly. She's a joy to be around, and you will be empowered and enriched simply from knowing and working with her.

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