Welcome to Being Authentic Now!

Welcome to Being Authentic Now! Thank you so much for joining me as I embark on this new journey. I’m not sure where this path is taking me, but it’s been so fulfilling to enjoy the ride! I feel moved to share this with you. As I venture off into the unknown, I trust this process. Without expectations, my mind can’t judge me – right/wrong, good/bad, perfect/imperfect, etc. and the possibilities are endless.

I was creatively inspired to build this website from the ground up. It’s a work in progress, but I appreciate you being part of this as it unfolds organically.

I’ve been on a spiritual quest for most of my adult life – searching for long, lost ‘me!’ What happened? Who was I born to be, and where did she go? It felt like she got buried in mud throughout the years. Finding her seemed impossible.

Since birth, mud began to cover me. Year after year, I sank deeper and deeper – moving further and further from my true self. I blended in with all the mud around. This didn’t feel good at all. I could sense deep within that I was different. I longed to reconnect with my uniqueness, along with self-love, respect and confidence.

I spent years devoted to self-improvement courses, books, and events. It cleared some of the mud, but I was still buried deep. In 2014, Human Design was recommended to me. Life as I knew it began to slowly, yet drastically change.

I have always felt so connected with nature. It feels like my ‘seed’ was planted many years ago and it’s just beginning to reach the surface – to nudge itself through – and be vulnerable. The part of me that was lost in the mud – buried in the darkness – is approaching the light and preparing for a cleaner existence. What I encountered along the way became part of the foundation – roots that get stronger each day. Without them, it would be difficult to reach the surface – the light. I am incredibly grateful for my roots – no matter how deep, dark, or tangled.

I am comfortable sharing my personal experiences through transparency and truth. I feel inspired to support and empower others, just as many have done (and still do) for me as I continue to transform throughout life.

Just as flowers don’t grow from seed to full-bloom overnight, we don’t either. It takes time – and tons of nurturing and encouragement along the way.

I honor your beauty and uniqueness. And I welcome you beside me – to grow and bloom – individually and collectively – in the garden of life!

I love you all,