Would you like to tap into your inner truth so that you can make correct and healthy decisions in your life?

Sacral sessions will only assist those who have sacral inner authority. If you are unsure of your inner authority, you can request a free chart to find out.

Our mind thinks it’s in charge and drives us crazy if we listen to it – especially when trying to make correct decisions in life! Struggle, suffering, and racing thoughts – they result when the mind has power over us. Our truth exists deep within us. By connecting with our inner truth, power is taken back from the mind.

During a sacral session, I will ask yes/no questions for any area of life (relationships, career, health, finances, living conditions, etc.) that you need answers . Your truth will be revealed through sacral sounds in response to these questions. For example, an ‘Ah Huh’ sound is ‘yes’ and an ‘Uhn Uhn’ sound is ‘no.’ These sounds are innate, but most were taught it was proper etiquette to use words instead. Connecting with your sounds allows you to access your inherent truth. This is essential to live a more powerful, fulfilling, and satisfying life!

I do not have sacral inner authority, but I love working with those who do. My inner truth can take time to be revealed. Therefore, it amazes me to assist others whose truth can be revealed to them in a split second. It’s such a quick process and so many difficult life questions can be answered in minutes. I enjoy observing others’ reactions – especially when they are shocked with their response – because that is proof they are deeply connected to their truth. Many times their truth differs from what their mind would have told them to do.

— Allison